I am running a daily mailing service called, “DevDaily”, which stands for Developer Daily (or whatever). And it’s totally free.

How it started #

It’s been a while since I have sent out the first DevDaily ( yesterday 21.01.2015 is 80th issue but I sent it twice, sorry folks). I started doing this because I want my coworkers to be able to read some really nice articles. It’s quite troublesome to tell one by one so I thought it would be a good idea to send an email including the whole article. Later on, I asked a few friends around me whether they like to read it or not. They said yes. They are quite awesome, still keeping up a lot of perseverance. Y'all rock!

What I do is I send an article a day to your email. (Okay, hold your questions for a while.)

The whole article includes pictures and links. I try my best to format the articles nicely for good reading experience. I do that because I want to read the whole article in my inbox, not needing to click around or go to browser (Sigh it’s already 2015 and some websites still don’t have mobile website). So, I assume you’d like it too.

What I sent #

The articles are quite different. Major topics are

These are not in order and some of them might not be your favorite stuff. I am sorry if some articles look like spam to you.

I’ve prepared a list of all the articles I’ve sent out. You can check it out here.

You might wonder why I keep doing it. Simply, because people are still reading it.

Why do people keep reading it ? #

I can’t answer for them but remember, I am also one of the subscribers myself (You gotta eat your own dog food). I keep reading it because the articles are real nice. These are written by very smart people and a lot of people say it’s nice so I told myself I should read it too! YMMV.

How I keep doing it ? #

Here’s a few things.

I am sold, how can I subscribe ? #

Now, you seem like you may want to start subscribing. Let me try this again: it’s super hard to read articles daily. Some people cannot keep it up. It’s okay. I cannot keep up too. Starting something is easy but keeping it up is super hard. You may subscribe by sending email to me[at] and saying “I would like to subscribe to DevDaily” and I will add you to the subscriber list.

I hope to hear more from y'all again.

Thanks to @arkar, @soeim for reading drafts of this.


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