Where to Start #2

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The other topic I would like to emphasize is to read.
It’s very simple to say you should read but most people only talk and they don’t do it.

I didn’t read too. I still don’t read much. But I was inspired by people around me to read.

Here’s my process of how I read. Whenever I see an interesting article, I saved it to Pocket. You might not heard before what’s Pocket. Essentially, it’s “Read-it-later” app. You can save a web page, Pocket will extract the body of the article and save it to you so that you can read it later “offline”.
Everyday I save a lot articles than I can read. I read when I am stuck in the traffic, when I am in the toilet, when I am waiting for someone, before go to bed and sometimes, I just sit down in a corner and read. Most of the time, I read on my phone. Sometimes, I read on the web. Pocket has iPhone, Android and web client.

There are other apps like Pocket. They are Instapaper and Readability. You can try and continue to use one you are comfortable with.

Recently, someone shared some very good points about how to read books.

How to read book

I use Goodreads too. It’s a website where you can share what you’re reading and you can see what your friends are reading. You can also find out what you should read next and make a list of it.

I also use Feedly which is a RSS Reader. It is not as good as Google Reader but it’s not bad and have a decent UI. I subscribed to some websites which don’t update frequently and read it from feedly.

There are a few websites I go and read daily.

Warning : Also don’t spend too much time on Reddit. But well, like they say, the time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. ?

I will keep it short this time and will write more in the next one.

See you in next year!


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